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Hi and welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk
Well, finally issue NINETEEN of Inferno Fiction is complete! Thank you all for your patience as we finally bring you the completed issue. Thwart with problems from the word go; interent issues, site provider issues and the latest, puppy issues! Our new addition to the household managed to chew through the cable of my laptop charger resulting in the loss of power to the laptop and as a result was unable to meet my last deadline!

I hope you all enjoy what's on offer with Madam Vastra's story continuing in Julie Kay's In Her Absence, the concluding act of Sean Bassett's bold and inventive Oh My Giddy Aunt!: The Doctor Who Musical (yes, we know you've been singing along to the songs as well!) as well as contributions from Michael Baxter, Jack Lawrence, Nick Wheeler, Nathan Mullins and a new comer to the worlds of Inferno Fiction, Matthew Senkowski. Meg MacDonald's Whistle Stop featuring the 9th Doctor is featured on the cover of this issue...a very good read too.

Now that this issue is complete I'll be looking for your contributions to the 20th issue of Inferno Fiction, a landmark edition to celebrate the online fiction fanzine's continued success. At the moment there is no deadline for this issue as I dont want to rush to complete this one but suffice to say that it will contain more fiction than previous issues and we have a few surprises instore too.

So, if you feel the urge to write something then please forward your submissions to infernofiction@gmail.com  All contributions will be considered for publication. If you're a budding artist too then let us see your work, again send them to our email address.
Please note that if you are submitting a multi-part piece of fiction then please ensure that you send us the complete work as we have had issues where parts have been submitted, published but not completed and therefore had to withdraw them the site.

InPrint are celebrating their 4th year online. Checkout their latest offering by following the link below.

Finally like to thank everyone who's contributed to this issue,  Michael Baxter, Matthew Senkowski, Julie Kay, Jack Lawrence, Sean Bassett, Nick Wheeler, Meg MacDonald and Nathan Mullins.
Harmony by Meg MacDonald (aka The bunny in the tardis ) is still availble to view on line. Just follow the link below or the links situated at the end of each piece of fiction submitted to the site. Just check out the contents of each issue located to the right of the site.
And don't forget Al Dickerson's Novella, The Boy's Upstairs is still available to view. Just follow the link.
Early issues of INFERNO FICTION, issues ONE to NINE have already migrated to another server. Other issues will follow over a period time I hope this doesn't ruin your enjoyment of the site.
If you're new to the site, then welcome. I hope you enjoy what you see and are inspired to contribute in anyway. If so, then please, contact me at the email address: infernofiction@gmail.com
Checkout the Bonus Comic Strip Adventure- Dark Journey by Question No.6 a tie-in to the launch of Dark Journey Series 2 which is available now. For more details checkout the links below or on the audio page.
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The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now and the cover story focusses on the unexpected return of Ingrid Oliver to Doctor Who.

The popular UNIT science whizz was apparently killed off at the hands of Missy in Death in Heaven – but the rumours of her death may have been exaggerated! Actress Ingrid Oliver tells DWM about her joy at Osgood’s unexpected return.

“When I died, I was like ‘Oh. That’s a shame. That is a shame.” I really didn’t think I would return,” Ingrid tells DWM, revealing that she was shocked at the response to the UNIT operative's demise. “I can’t watch myself on TV, so I deliberately made the decision to go out. And then I got a text from my agent saying, ‘Oh my God, you’re trending on Twitter!’ It was absolute insanity to me.”

Also inside this issue:

Doctor Who’s resident special effects supervisor Danny Hargreaves reveals the science behind blowing stuff up – but don’t try this at home!

Cold War’s Professor Grisenko ­– movie and TV star David Warner – chats about his brief era as the Doctor, and shares some fascinating stories from a career spanning six decades.

DWM’s history of Doctor Who on home video reaches its final part, with the dawn of a new shiny new format. DVD took the series into remastered territory, and made it look better than it ever had before.

The Fact of Fiction heads to Voga – the planet of gold – to reveal fascinating facts about the 1975 Fourth Doctor adventure Revenge of the Cybermen.

Will the Doctor and Clara defeat the macabre plans of Dr Audley, and has Winnie really betrayed them? The comic strip adventure Blood and Ice – written by Jacqueline Rayner and illustrated by Martin Geraghty – reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions and pays tribute to 1980s Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner.

DWM talks to Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford, novelist AL Kennedy and actor Jon Culshaw to preview upcoming books and audios from the worlds of Doctor Who.

PLUS! Reviews and previews; Relative Dimensions; Wotcha!; The DWM Crossword, prize-winning competitions, official news and more.

Doctor Who Magazine Special:
The Art of Doctor Who

The characters and scenarios from Doctor Who have been inspiring artists since 1963. The latest special edition of Doctor Who Magazine celebrates the best of their contributions to both the programme and the vast range of licensed products that rely on their skill.

“This is how the story of Doctor Who unfolded in the eyes of the artists who interpreted, shaped and represented the show,” says editor Marcus Hearn. “In fact, the story begins before the first episode was even transmitted – we have articles examining the creation of the Doctor Who logo and the filming of the original title sequence.”

This 100-page Special is packed full of stunning reproductions of original artwork from the Dalek annuals, the Doctor Who annuals, Doctor Who Weekly, the DVD range, the Radio Times, Target Books, TV Century 21, the VHS releases and more.

Other highlights include:
Articles covering the history of graphic design and illustration in Doctor Who, from the early 1960s to the present day.

Award-winning graphic designer Bernard Lodge explains how he created the series’ first four title sequences.

Concept artists Peter McKinstry and Matt Savage share their portfolios from 21st-century Doctor Who.

Interviews with Target Books artists Chris Achilleos, Jeff Cummins, Bill Donohoe, Roy Knipe, Tony Manero, Andrew Skilleter and Nick Spender.

Interviews with comics artists including Mike Collins, Martin Geraghty, Dave Gibbons, Richard Piers Rayner, John Ridgway, Nick Roche, John Ross, Adrian Salmon, Lee Sullivan and Alice Zhang.

Interviews with VHS and DVD cover artists Lee Binding, Colin Howard and Alister Pearson.
Available now


Doctor Who Fan Film 2015 Storybook: This year also sees the release of the 2015 storybook. It features Nathan Mullins as the Doctor, in all six stories, written by five incredible writers, with a foreword from Doctor Who novelist, Daniel Blythe, who gives a very warm welcome to all who take an interest in this special release. With a cover from Jamie Jones, and original fiction  from Nathan Mullins, Richard Gurl, Cameron Holt, K.A. Hambly and Simon Burnell.
For further information on how to obtain these issues andnews of further issues then follow and "Like" the Facebook link here

If we were a little bit sexist, then we'll say that waiting for a new Issue of Fish Fingers and Custard is woman, who will turn up fashionably late. So, just imagine that woman turns up 3 months late? You're not bothered, because she's great, she's different. Beautiful, funny, masterful, if you will. What a woman.  Well, we're nothing like that, apart from being 3 months late, we contain the same-old love and spelling mistakes that you've come to expect.

Anyway, here are the details of how to buy the new issue, which has got nothing to do with Series 8, despite the rubbish I've just written above:
For a finely-printed, but adequately put-together paper copy of the fanzine, the prices are as follows:

UK - £2
Rest of the World - £4.50

To order a copy, please send the payment that applies to you, via PayPal to fishcustardfanzine@googlemail.com (please mark your payment as a 'gift' so we get the full fee from PayPal so we can buy more knocked-off paper from the local stationers).  Alternatively, you can buy one from our shop, prices inflated by 25p or so because of PayPal fees. The swines.

We have also re-printed the first 4 Issues of the fanzine to celebrate 4 years of us taking the Fanzine World like a mild breeze. Each re-printed Issue will come with a unique code number, slipped in somewhere, so nobody tries to rip people off when we've made it and old mags are selling for £20k a pop.Yeah.
Sadly, we can only offer this deal to people who reside in the UK at the moment.
First 4 Issues: £7

Please use any of the above payment methods to order.

Issue 15 is also available as a download from here.

FINALLY! We're open for submissions for Issue 16, which we hope to release in early 2015. We'll be looking at Series 8, as well as the upcoming Christmas Special. If you'd like to send in any reviews, thoughts or rants about Series 8 or any 2014 episode, please e-mail us at fishcustardfanzine@googlemail.com

If you despise new Doctor Who - you can send us anything that vaguely relates to the classic series too!
More details of other new fanzines can be found here 

It seems that the printed form of the fanzine is almost dead with many choosing the option of downloading instead. If you have a fanzine and you wish for it to be featured here on INFERNO FICTION then please forward the details to infernofiction@gmail.com
In the meantime you can look back at fanzines past in the FANZINE VAULT which will be updated soon.
Another look at a fanzine from the past in the Fanzine Vault which includes
and NEWS, VIEWS & REVIEWS all in  the Vault!
If you'd like your fanzine mentioned in the Fanzine Vault then please send us details of the issues you wish to enter to: infernofiction@gmail.com

by Andrew Chalmbers
"How long before the things that hide in the darkness come for you Doctor?"

Thousands of years ago the Gallifreyan who pioneered regeneration for his people left his home but why? For centuries he wandered, searching the stars but in reality, he was searching for redemption.

After mysteriously arriving in London 1888 and becoming assistant to the legendary Sherlock Holmes he must now face the secrets of his past to save the future.

Darker, more supernatural with a story that spans centuries Dark Journey Series 2 pushes the boundaries of fan produced audio with the 'Wholock' saga that builds on AM Audio Media's award winning first series of Doctor Who Dark Journey. The murder mystery of Series 1 has given way to a new supernatural horror theme with a bigger story, bigger sound and more dangerous stakes than ever before.

For the fans, by the fans. Follow the Doctor ... Into darkness. Doctor Who Dark Journey is a production of AM Audio Media. Series 2 runs every Saturday June 13 - August 1 on the internets most popular fandom podcasts including Gallifrey Stands, The Geeko, The Droids Canada, WhoWars, Geek Watch One, Timey Wimey Tea Time, Drinking In The Park and The Tangent Bound Network podcast.
Staring Andrew Chalmers as The Doctor, Roy Miranda as Sherlock Holmes, Rikki Wright as Inspector Gull and Kate Elyse Forrest as Emily.

by Eddie Robson

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 – besieged by the army of the celebrated Byzantine general Belisarius. Caught up in the fighting, Steven ends up on a boat bound for Constantinople, the heart of the Roman Empire.

Rescuing Steven, however, is the least of the Doctor's problems – because he shouldn't be mixed up in this particular adventure at all. Someone has sabotaged his own personal timeline, putting him in the place of his First incarnation... but who, and why? The truth is about to be revealed – but at what cost to all of the Doctors, and to the whole future history of the planet Earth?

Starring Peter Davison as The Doctor, Maureen O'Brien as Vicki
and Peter Purves as Steven Taylor

available from BIG FINISH 

more details of new releases from BIG FINISH can be found on the AUDIO PAGE

by Paul Cornell
Hulton College in Norfolk is a school dedicated to producing military officers. With the First World War about to start, the boys of the school will soon be on the front line. But no one expects a war – not even Dr John Smith, the college’s new house master…

The Doctor’s friend Benny is enjoying her holiday in the same town. But then she meets a future version of the Doctor, and things start to get dangerous very quickly. With the Doctor she knows gone, and only a suffragette and an elderly rake for company, can Benny fight off a vicious alien attack? And will Dr Smith be able to save the day?

An adventure set in Britain on the eve of the First World War, featuring the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy and his companion Bernice Summerfield.
This book was the basis for the Tenth Doctor television story Human Nature / The Family of Blood starring David Tennant
For other books featured in this series go to the dedicated BOOKS PAGE for more details!


artwork by ANDY LAMBERT
used with permission
Welcome to inferno-fiction.co.uk.
Inferno Fiction is an on-line Doctor Who Fiction Fanzine. First created in the 80's when fanzines in the printed form were the norm, the fanzine has now leapt onto the world wide web and is enjoyed by many across the world!
The stories featured are from the original pages of the printed fanzine and now include a collection of new material.
If you would like to contribute then please email them to: infernofiction@gmail.com



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